DP Prompt ~Smell you later


Smells that take me home, First one? Is empanadas, I grew up in Iquique. Chile, Back in those days it was just a small town so there were lots of small family run restaurants, With! yep you guessed it! Stone ovens! Which Is the real only way to properly make these, All that yummy goodness infused inside this yummy dough, it literally melts in your mouth yummers…!

Here’s my absolute favorite, Cazuela. Otherwise known as stew to us all. All the flavors you put into the pot complementing each other, you just can’t go wrong with this and a side of fresh baked bread. There’s only a handful of restaurants in the city that make these properly when I’m too lazy to cook.

How about you? what scents take you home? πŸ™‚

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      • Pretty well, Andy. I’ve had a creative year so far. Looking to travel a little bit this summer [I mean, outside of my head, which I get to do all the time when I write fiction!], which will be nice. Have a great Sunday . . . are you watching your Canadian countrywomen in the World Cup? I believe they had a great victory yesterday in OT against China, coming down to a PK.

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