DP Prompt ~ Senses


Okay, So. What sense would I want to feel if i had a choice to heighten one. I would have to say, sound. To be able to hear everything ever more vividly. Someone’s heartbeat, conversations between random people passing by so I could take the atmosphere all in. I would give up touch in return for it, It’s a tough call since we rely so heavily on it to avoid getting burned or hurt. But, I could make something unique if I don’t feel the pain from working on it for hours right? if that makes sense? How about you? ^.^/

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  1. First, love your new photo, Andy. Hmm, I’ve thought about this senses issue in the past . . . Today, I think I would want to heighten my auditory system, for the reasons you related so well; I really wouldn’t want to lose any of them, but if I had to, I think I’d probably choose smell or taste. Many smells are unpleasant already [I used to work and volunteer in animal care, so lemme tell you, the smells were awful at times] and that sense is not that much of an evolutionary advantage in our present time anyway. I should also say, though, that if smell were absent, I’d still want to have the ability to taste, if that’s even possible (I know they tend to go together).

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