DP Prompt ~ Off Season





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  1. Well the way some of the crazy weather is happening everywhere, maybe this is actually happening right now (but thank goodness not in Van or Chicago!) *double clink* Great photo, Andy! Cher xo

  2. Ohhhhhhh it took great courage for me to push like on this one, Andy. SNOW???? Really???? I’ve had enough of snow to last me the rest of my life, yet, OK, your images are great! LOL Love, Amy ❤

    • oh no this is from…2013, it was super early before rain washed it off, it’s one of the things i very dislike about the west coast, we get the pretty snow then rain wrecks it >:\

  3. Love the photos! A good thing to remember is that across the world, in another hemisphere, their weather could be very different from what’s in my hometown, so I like this off-season theme. And actually, Andy, this snow looks a refreshing now that it’s 80s-90s temps most of the time here everyday.

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