Grateful for..



On this father’s day, Being a father myself there are things I am eternally grateful for that I hope you will allow me to share. 

– Being the father to an amazing talented daughter

– Watching her accomplish not just her goals but break through them

– Watching her excel at everything that she puts her mind to

– The joys and the tears of watching her grow 

– Seeing her smile in pride every time she looks back at me 

– The friendships I have made with many other parents

– The inspiration I gained to write as I now do

– Watching other children grow and remembering the sweeter times

– The wisdom I gained changing who I was and who I am now

– The way my Glaiza cheers me on and is there for me through the difficult times of raising a teenager

Thank you everyone for being here and making my father’s day absolutely awesome! 🙂 

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  1. Happy father’s day!
    Not that you ever needed a day to remind yourself of what a wonderful job it is that you are doing 🙂

  2. Happy Father’s day, I’m sure you are a very good dad! Wait till you become a grandfather, when you see your baby become a parent!! It is totally overwhelming! much love and peace to you my friend. Michelle

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