DP Prompt ~ Snapshots



This photo above, Is a snapshot that really takes me back. It’s of the first day that my little lady and i went to the lake for some picnic and water splashing fun, she absolutely enjoyed getting her feet wet and full of sand, girl couldn’t be happier.

Especially when it came time to eat a yummy ham and tomato sandwich. Who knew kids had such an apettite after playing in the water! This is a memory I will forever treasure. How about you? any snapshots that take you back in time? ☺

ps: I’m typing on a really lousy keyboard app, my apologies if I sound weird lol

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  1. They grow up very fast… I have many memories with my son too. I am impressed so much dear Andy. What a beautiful photograph. And she seems so lovely, and her skirt is so nice too… I miss my son, his childhood days too πŸ™‚ Thank you, blessing and happiness to you both and may have many beautiful moments together. Love, nia

  2. such a cutie pie! i love looking at photos and I always find myself smiling ’cause old photos relive the memories and way those people made you feel when those shots were taken πŸ˜€

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