DP Prompt ~ Summer


Let’s see, Where would I be if it was next summer? Why, In a tropical island of course.

I’ll be like the minions enjoying the beach at Tagatay or Palawan with all the pina coladas I could drink, endless horizons and the best part? No cell phone reception or WiFi of any sort. Just pure paradise and crystal blue waters, now THAT is how one enjoys it all! How about you? 😉

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  1. Mmmm pina colda… But no WiFi!?😱 I admit I love my WiFi I would need it. I personally want to go somewhere with beautiful vistas but feels like Fall 98% of the time haha. 😝😝

  2. So pleased to see you like the beaches in my country! There is also a nice tropical island in my part of the country bathed in white powdery sand and perfect sunsets…its my Boracay Island, maybe one day you can pass by there too and be immersed in its exotic magic! 🙂

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