DP Prompt ~ My 14 year old self


This is another one yet again from DP’s recycled prompt bin but it’s okay, it’s Thursday so it’s perfect! heh!

My 14 year old self was a stubborn child, I refused to listen to advice even when I knew they were right. Also, too stubborn to accept that there were better and easier ways to do things, I always had to have it my way.

Then, there’s the thing every 14 year old boy goes through, falling for the first cute girl. Yep, I vividly remember this one girl who wanted to hang out with me, only to find out that she did it to know about my best bud, karma hit though, he dated her friend instead oops! Yep, had an interesting childhood alright!

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  1. We knew everything when we were 14. My grandson will be 14 in a few weeks. He had his first girlfriend at the end of the school year. But they broke up because she said he was too clingy. I felt so bad for him but I know he’ll have a long sting of broken hearts and a hopefully he’ll break few himself.

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