DP Prompt ~ Que sera sera


Do I believe in fate, Truth be told I would like to believe in it. I’d like to think that some things are predestined and we can let that happen, so we can focus on other things. But it’s not quite so easy is it? we chase after love never truly knowing and make life decisions on the go, hoping for the best. How about you? do you believe in fate?

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  1. I do believe we have a story in this life(on earth that was written for us. But when our voyage starts on earth the story depends on our walking way in the life…This is actually the first voyage to ourselves… Then the main walking starts… I mean we should find our mission on this earth…all other things are the details…something like that dear Andy 🙂 I hope I explained my thoughts well… But let me add this, what is fate? or what do we understand when we say fate…? This point is important… Anyway, Thanks and Love, nia

  2. Very complicated stuff indeed. It never excites me that I should go to some stranger to ask what’s in the store for me. What’s the point of knowing when I can’t change or control it. I think we should rather focus on our karma.

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