DP Prompt ~ Words to banish


Words that need to be banned huh? well how about I make a list of phrases that drive me bonkers? the real conversation enders?

1) Get outta here!

And where exactly am I going? I haven’t even finished talking yet!

2) And like yeah and I like said

Thinking about what to make for dinner now, something with eggs? or steak?

3) Shut up! Really??

I’d answer but you just told me to shut up so which is it?

4) We have a sponsorship activation and we need some assistance

In the business world it means some people are setting up a display booth, but for some reason they chose to make it sound like something out of the jetsons where you press a button and a living room pops out.

Yeah that’s all I can think of for now, I’ll have some more I’m sure. How about you? any words or phrases you wish to see banished for good?

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    • I swear every time I get a call at the desk and someone says ‘We need assistance activating a sponsorship’ I feel like pressing the jetsons jingle on my phone, I really do πŸ˜›πŸ˜„ thank you for swinging by πŸ™‚

  1. hahaha oh yeah i could add some myself, its a thing with a part in east Germany where they use always a word nah, for everything. Once i worked at a health insurance service center, and had to ask several questions and every time i got the reply NAH…it drove me nuts . I said seriuosly? what is it, you married yes no maybe, kids yes no maybe? grrrrrrrrr lol

  2. Nice onesπŸ‘ I don’t like “Okay?” with a question mark. And I can’t stand when someone texts “K”. I don’t know why but it infuriates me no end.😈

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