DP Prompt ~ Chatty traveler


Oh boy, so now I have a chatty neighbour on a plane huh? I’ve had one of those before. I love a good conversation, But! Even I have my limits. Especially on a 14 hour flight to Asia, I tend to excuse myself and put on noise cancelling earphones to listen to music, not to be rude of course but when I’m stuck inside a pop can on wings? I need to get into my comfort zone, Otherwise I’m a very very purple minion. Unless of course, I’m with a friend or gf traveling with me then I’m more than happy to chat. How about you? how would you react to a chatty neighbour on plane, bus or car ride?

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  1. I like polite conversation, a little chit chat is nice, but although I don’t sleep on planes I do enjoy the “enforced” quiet on long flights. Hence I always “appear” to be watching movies but am often not.

  2. I love chatty neighbors, it doesn’t happen very often in Sweden that the person next to you – only if something goes wrong with the train or bus … I love to chat .. but I also know when shout up. You can see when people are not interested any longer. For a long flight I would hate to have a silent person next to me *smile
    If you are on the flight just now … travel safe.

  3. No more chatting with neighbors since I love silence. This kind of chat leads nowhere and you end up talking useless things to pass time. You are so right to say that there is a limit to everything.

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