DP Prompt ~ Instincts and decisions


Decisions, Through gut instinct or going through it. For me, I’ve always made the mistake of going with my feelings and to be honest? I’ve regretted it, Because at the end of the day logic still is the safest way to go. Less mistakes and? far less heartbreaks. How about you? do you go by instinct or by logic?


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  1. between heart and mind shouldn’t be so much distance… they should work together ๐Ÿ™‚ maybe this is what we call, balance… but I can’t say I can do this… I make mistakes too… my inner voice always being a guide to me, but logic smiles at the end… But do you know dear Andy, this is also means, the power of our kindness hits us always… Because (if I am thinking wrong please correct me) when we begin to think in logical way, it means to see all the things, I mean negative and positive… good and bad,…. then you begin to make some strategy… do not make this, do not act like that, do not say this,….do not,….etc. something like that… Thanks and Love, nia

      • yes, to be human… but with the balance… I think all matter is to find the balance between them… I am not good about this… always my heart speaks… as if my brain doesn’t know to talk ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t know dear Andy, maybe my words nonsense… but Thank you and welcome, love, nia

  2. Being honest is fine when the people deserve it. Often you have to lie because of the people who would harm you itherwise but I hate lying.

    Instinct does normally make use of logic so I am surprised why you have problems with that. Do you have an example for me?

  3. I have discovered how to live by my instincts and leave logic behind. Although, at times, I must problem solve which involves logic and analysis. Yet I really live mostly following my Heart. โค

      • Andy, by gentle with yourself. It takes practice. Yes you will fall and yes you will be hurt, but don’t let those experiences stop you from living as you are meant to live. Keep on going …. I so encourage you !!! Love, Amy โค

  4. I’m learning to ask each thought that arrives in relation to a problem: what is the distortion in my logic? What is the distortion in my feeling? It is the thoughts that give rise to the feelings. So question those using logic. Are you making a decision based on someone else’s perception and not on your own?

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