DP Prompt ~ Refreshed


The last time I felt refreshed AND well rested? I can answer this prompt easy, There’s no place that I been to that was as relaxing as driving


the Oregon coast.

It took me about 9 hours of driving since I went down to Newport, Where I booked my hotel reservation at and didn’t arrive until almost midnight whew! But, wow! It was absolutely amazing to wake up to the sound of ocean waves and the sea air, There’s so much to see driving up and down the coast and especially coos Bay, I never seen rock formations like that and watching sea water getting funnelled around was really fun, I do have photos somewhere but they didn’t turn out so good 😦


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  1. What a nice visual!

    Hey there, Andy! I hope you are doing well. I have been busy busy, but things are letting up a bit…PHEW!! hehe

    Take care of you…xoxo

  2. Wow ! Waking up to the sound of ocean waves sounds so charming ! Feels so good to see you happy and refreshed πŸ™‚ Hope you and your little girl are doing good. Love you always !

  3. Wow ! Feeling great to find you relaxing in beautiful surroundings and enjoying the sound os ocean waves. Missed you Andy and now feeling much better to be in touch again. Hopefully you are doing good πŸ™‚

  4. Even without your photos, it sounds lovely, Andy. Never been (yet) to Oregon, but I can hear the waves just from the way you’ve described them funneling. I’d also love to see the wonderful forests out there in the Northwest (and in California), when they’re not, sadly, on fire.

      • Yes, Andy, too sadly true. I hope those doubters and deniers, doubting scientific data that our world is changing (and not for the better) will wake up. Sadly, the people outside the U.S. on many island nations and in Africa, Asia, et al, are experiencing the first devastating impacts of climate change.

      • You’ve got that right, Andy. And what gets me, too, is the rich people building expensive houses in known flood areas, just building and rebuilding, thinking they can beat Nature somehow. I have seen/experienced them first-hand out on the East Coast in Va, and I’m sure they exist elsewhere.

      • oh they do here too believe me, There’s a city here called Richmond which is below sea level and sure enough! million dollar homes, figures huh!

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