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If you won’t hold the pot because it is too hot, How will you savor the tea that sits before you?

These words resonate in my mind, I remember as a child I needed to bring this pot with hot water to the living room. But, back then instead of the new electric kettles we had the metal ones. So, you can imagine it gets very hot on a fire stove, I had to wrap a towel over the handle before I could take it to the living room to make tea with. It wasn’t filtered tea bags either, But rather cute little clay pots that would hold leaves in. There’s certain steps to follow, which include washing the tea leaves and the pot, before serving, A tea ceremony of sorts.

Half way through the process, I was told those words. Being too young, I didn’t understand the meaning behind them. Until I became older and a tad bit wiser, You see. These words? they don’t just apply to making good tea. But life as well and especially relationships, If you aren’t willing to carry through what it takes to make a relationship flourish. The bad and the ugly, How will you savor what it has to offer in the end? I mean, sure. Some take the easy way out, someone closer or someone who can provide better. But, Is it really the same? I think not. Like all things, Love takes commitment and patience. These are the most important aspects it depends on, to truly make it work. 🙂 

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  1. Very wise words, Andy. Long-distance relationships are difficult, more so than some people not in them can imagine. I had a long-distance relationship with my husband, when we were 20-somethings (not married) in college, and somehow, we made it work. Lots of letters, e-mails, and phone calls, and boxes o’ books. Not perhaps as long-distance as you’re referring to, but whether it’s 800 or 8000 miles, it’s not easy. Wishing you perseverance, peace, and happiness! 🙂

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