DP Prompt ~ Travel


Where do I want to go and how? I want to see all of Europe and Japan be train, Boat or any ship, Heck even air balloon! These are the two countries that constantly intrigue me as they are so rich in history and culture. How about you? where would you like to travel to and how?


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  1. I like to see Japan. I’ve been reading so much about the country it feels like I know everything about Japan… but of course, it’s not true. heck, I don’t even know everything about the country where I was born and lived in for 6 years of my life.

      • You will encounter poverty , and that will make your trip unpleasant …. the porters, the watch -your car- boys who will hound you everywhere you go. You have to be firm. Oh wait, you’re going to be with the locals. I’ve been writing about the Philippines with so much enthusiasm, and have forgotten the fact there’s an ugly side of so called paradise. Just be careful and talk to me before you leave.

  2. such lovely photos! I’m not sure where I would go, someplace warm, I think, and quiet… I would really love to find a way to go inside myself and figure out how to beat this heartache but, that doesn’t seem possible so I’ll settle for a tropical place, by plane!

  3. Sightseeing by air balloon is such a fun idea -and Japan is on my list – but so is more of your great white north Canada! Want to visit the French parts of Quebec – πŸ˜‰

    • I hope you’ll get the chance! very historic but also keep in mind that it’s pretty $$ that’s why i haven’t had a chance to visit there yet despite being on the west coast for so long lol πŸ™‚

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