DP Prompt ~ A prompt about a cat and soup? wha?



Today’s prompt is asking for a crazy trio. Something about a cat enjoying a bowl of soup while wearing a beach towel at the beach.

If you ask me though, I’d say that whoever made the prompt needs to put down the joint. But! Alright, to be a good sport I’ll kind of entertain the thought. The above isn’t a beach but aboard one of the few ferries that travel up and down the BC coast. Some go to Victoria and others go to the sunshine coast, A place  with trees everywhere and an amazing view into the Pacific ocean. Also, enough bogs to make Shrek squeal in Glee.

On board the ferry they do serve soups and burgers as well coffee though, kind of bland tasting but eh good enough 🙂


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  1. Laughing at putting down the joint! Lol – but I guess it is better than repeats – rather have fresh than same ol’ worn ideas – but then again wacky could be a distraction – I love your response

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