DP Prompt ~ The great pretender


The great pretender huh? I’m not entirely sure how to answer this prompt. But, I believe many of us have donned one mask or another at one point in our lives. Whether to save another’s feelings, Or to protect our own so that no one can reach what’s inside. Me, I’d rather be myself and if people can’t accept that. Then, did they really ever accept you as you are?

..Hope I’m not too blunt on this 🙂


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  1. Very true. I too find it too personal. I wouldn’t like to confess time and again in social media for all to read. We all pretend to be happy and cheerful in a gathering when we are not. I pretend to be writer whereas I barely manage it….lol 🙂

  2. There are times in life, Andy, that I choose happiness even though my first knee jerk reaction is to be miserable. Today in fact was one of those days that I deliberately put on some music to dance to, went for a very long walk, and smiled a whole bunch. By the time I came home the inward tears we’re gone.

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