DP Prompt ~ It builds character


What movie character would I like to meet, To have a great chat with? My first choice would be Alan Turing. The movie truly sucked me right in, The character has such a brilliant mind that I’d love to learn so much from.

Another character I want to meet is John Nash, From the movie called a beautiful mind. It’s amazing what the human mind can accomplish, The movie also left me with a lot of ‘Oh ya!!’ moments.

How about you? which characters would you like to meet if you had the chance? πŸ™‚

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  1. You might think me silly,and I have countless, but the first that comes to mind is Captian Jack Sparrow 😜 Then Jayne Eyre ☺️ Of course Jesus and every Bible Character πŸ˜‰

  2. I’d pick Jo Marsh from ‘Little Women’, I have two brothers, so growing up I was not girly at all. Jo Marsh made me feel like it was okay to like climbing trees and reading books that were much more advanced than ‘The Babysitters Club’ and ‘Sweet Valley High’.
    I’m about to finish my post for this prompt πŸ™‚

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