DP Prompt ~ Who did you see today


The first person I saw today? it was my supervisor and it is awfully awkward for me to write about him, So. Instead I will share an item on my bucket list.

What is it? Backpacking around the world with just my phone, Like the author of this amazing video did. No need for heavy equipment or anything, just a chance to see what else is out there beyond the walls of the concrete jungle. True, It’s not safe with the current world situation but hey, if I don’t start now? when will I right? How about you, who did you see today? ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. That video was super cool and I had no idea that the same person got all the footage – I guess from the title I just thought 100 folks contributed – but even cooler to know it was one person.
    Anyhow – I could see you doing the backpack thing with your smart phone and with a notes section for poem writing – oh wait – and maybe some books from the fantasy/ fiction genre too ๐Ÿ˜Š

      • Yea – and he was on shark tank as a guest and to me – th best part of his story is not the money (cos u can’t take it wth ya and after so many millions when does it feel like enough?? Hmmm) but he shared how the invention was birthed from a transition in his life – a failed business and so he went to do what he knew to do – he went a surging trip and as a way to document his trip he messed with his corny gear and came up with the idea and then launched it smartly! Ha! But his story was inspiring because it was another reminder as to how we all have flops and successes and how this man’s very smart coping led to a huge idea and a social need –

      • That’s a good way to put it – and at the time (80s) I did not care that much for his stuff even though it was always on – and my friend’s lived purple rain – but in hindsight I see his extreme talent – and raw is such a good word

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