Monthly Archives: November 2015

DP Prompt ~ Who did you see today


The first person I saw today? it was my supervisor and it is awfully awkward for me to write about him, So. Instead I will share an item on my bucket list.

What is it? Backpacking around the world with just my phone, Like the author of this amazing video did. No need for heavy equipment or anything, just a chance to see what else is out there beyond the walls of the concrete jungle. True, It’s not safe with the current world situation but hey, if I don’t start now? when will I right? How about you, who did you see today? 🙂


Half expecting balloons to come out of the house :D


image Registered & Protected 

Yups! I so love nature!


DP Prompt ~ Teach your bloggers


I can’t say that I’m very good at any one thing specifically, But I’d like to learn how to draw like this! The possibilities are endless and fun too!

The other thing I’d like to give a shot is of course music, so I can teach.

How about you? 🙂