DP Prompt ~ Crumpled paper


Today’s prompt throws another curve ball. When would I find written on a piece of paper from the street, Alright. Well, I won’t think of something as simple as lottery numbers as a response, But maybe an unsent letter to me.

Yups! that’s it, a letter telling me that everything I went through over the years wasn’t for nothing, that there’s a plan to make sense of my life and that I’m at the finish line, That it’s smooth sailing from here on. How about you? if you found a piece of crumpled paper, what would it say and how would it change your life?


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  1. I have a short story somewhere about a found piece of paper, but I can’t remember what I said about it. I think it was maybe a kind of creepy story because the main character found a piece of paper that was about her (things she thought no one else knew). Mostly, I just find grocery lists, in the “real” world, but occasionally there’s something interesting that comes along. 🙂 Happy Friday, and have a great weekend, Andy!

  2. My crumpled letter was part of a real event in my life, it was a piece of paper filled with positive comments given to me by my college classmates from an old workshop we had in school which I found in my closet while looking for the perfect shoes to go with my job interview suit. This made me hear the voices of encouragement that I needed to believe in myself again and the courage to face the challenge of adversities, it felt really good to see those words affirming me as person and it made me continue my job search despite many failed interviews until I finally landed my job. Great challenge Andy! Thanks:)

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