May 2016 bring you endless joy ^.^/


20151128_154336 (1)



The year is coming to an end and though I celebrate it an ocean apart..From the one who holds my heart..The day will soon be here when our love will be heard beyond even the furthest stars in the evening skies..I love you Glaiza..Thank you for the most amazing memories I’ve ever had! 

I would like to also wish everyone a happy and prosperous year to come, May the days to come bring you great joy and all wishes come true, Thank you so much for all your sweet sweet support 🙂 


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  1. Thank you dear Andy, it was so nice know you in this blogging world, and you shared such a beautiful things with us, and also I love your romantic touches, and philosophical thoughts… and yes, I love your food photographs too 🙂 and sometimes high level activities in dangerous….Thank you for being you and being there. Happy New Year, love, nia

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