DP Prompt ~ Fend for yourself


When I was left to fend for myself? I’ve been down this road before and I assure you, The truth is. The alleys are a lot uglier and the world gets much colder, especially when you’re out in the streets.

I spent a portion of my life in the streets after a badly failed relationship, which I might talk about if the prompt ever comes up. It’s funny how the world works though, You won’t be judged if you walk into a grocery store dressed in clean clothes and looking like you have money, But! If you walk in with dirty clothes only to stay warm? you’ll get stared at and kicked out within the minute. I remember that time still, I didn’t have anywhere else to to and I only wanted to stay warm for a few minutes at a 7 eleven in a seedy part of town, The shopkeeper didn’t even want to hear my story. Nope, He tossed me out after calling out every word in the dictionary.

I went back after I got my life together, bought a chocolate bar and thanked him for his kind hospitality, There was a pause too when he handed me the change. Why do you suppose that is? 😛


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  1. The shop keeper must have been hurt badly, or know someone hurt badly to treat you soooo horrible. It’s so unfair, walls don’t allow us to see into others lives. They have every right to protect themselves….. But could be missing out on a Grand treasure too….

  2. Some people never understand that life is like a circle i.e. you can be up on top of the circle or down at the bottom. How you treat persons down at the bottom when you are up at the top is very important – because a day may come when you too are at the bottom. Definitely something to remember from your story. Thanks for sharing and I’m happy you got your life back together.

    • Thank you so much 🙂 Yeah, I hope that experience will have taught this shopkeep something, He could really do so much better in his business from how he treats everyone. :-\

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