Deer lake park Sunday


On Saturday night, My Glai and I were talking about the city I live in. What we have and what there is to see near my area, Fortunately for me. I live in the south end of Burnaby in an area nestled between to major parks. One of them, Is Deer Lake Park which is a bird conservation area / lake for canoe and paddle boating and the like.


There’s just enough parking at the bottom of Royal Oak to get to one of the few entrances into the park. I wanted to start from here, So as to fully enjoy the park.


This path stretches almost for a mile, with LOTS to see along the way too. Even when everything is dry from the cold, But! nature always finds a way doesn’t it?


From a distance one might feel that they are looking at really tall grass that hasn’t been maintained. But, Up close it’s almost like wheat. Which is good because there ARE predators that have been seen here, Cougars and coyotes etc that would would love nothing more than get a nibble at the cute birds flying about.



Not everywhere is all mud and dirt paths, There are also some areas that are built to walk in, Which is a good thing for the gentleman above going for a run. Unless he’s learned to run on water?



Finally, We come to the actual lake. During the spring and summer time local residents love to come here to canoe and paddle boat, Kids especially love it since propulsion is literally done by means of pedals and they get to steer all they want.


Unfortunately during the winter there’s not going to be much canoeing happening, you do have to love the irony of this though? this caution sign was initially used to stop people from getting to close to the water in fear of someone slipping in, I guess there’s a noble sacrifice huh πŸ˜›


Last but not least, There’s an open field to the park where weddings and the like happen. The park facilitates just about everything. Even Jazz festivals and fancy dinners, It is an absolutely beautiful place and very booked all year ’round. I hope you enjoyed the photos! Thank you again Glaiza, My love for the suggestion to go out to look around ❀ Registered & Protected 

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