DP Prompt ~ Weekend Headlines


Yups! I did it again! My daughter and I went to yet another sweets bakery place, This one is called Thomas Haas fine chocolatiers, It’s quite a ways from home in the more posh part of the city. It’s a really cute bakery / Cafe with outdoor heated patio and an incredible selection of treats, I just wish the place wasn’t so crowded otherwise I’d have more photos your show you all.


One thing I really liked? was their selection of small bite sized chocolates, So many! That I could sense my dentist about to call me for a ‘Regular’ checkup!


They even had truffles, With! Yes you read it right! Cognac! Wow was I tempted, I nearly walked out with some but I’m behaving for a very important event soon happening πŸ™‚


There’s also sweet baked goods too, The flavours here? they explode in your mouth, So good and ever so fresh!


Oh and let’s not forget the hero of every bakery, Yups! Macarons! Look at how many they have, I didn’t get any this time but every review I’ve read so far?say they are filled with flavours πŸ™‚

So! That was my weekend, How about yours? How was it?

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