Non Edited – Relive that moment..

To relive that moment..
Start once again..
With a new beginning..
To return to the past..
Rewrite the story..
With a new chapter..
To take back..
All that was said..
With a new heart..
Even if just once..
Turn back time..
If only it was a wish to grant..
-Andy1076 Registered & Protected  5OFJ-Y5TE-S392-QYJC


  • I don’t have a post for today’s prompt, so for now I’ll repost this. I hope it’s alright? 🙂

46 responses »

  1. your words echo through so many Andy,
    the words fit within the music….as always 🙂
    a perfect fit…
    a beautiful wish….one I know all to well… Thank you for sharing
    you and your thoughts today, and I will have to follow your music, it is a calming energy, closing my eyes I can drift to a memory it seems…
    Take Care…You Matter…

      • they are indeed, I listened til late last night and started again this morning 🙂
        I found one I think I will use on one I am writing ( okay I will be using it 🙂 )
        Thank you for always putting new music for me to enjoy …I appreciate it much..
        and you’re welcome, I really enjoyed your poem …it’s one of those real life ones to me..
        Take Care…You Matter…

  2. All those wishes you described, forced us to fantasize them and them by writing the last lie, took us all to the reality once again. Beautiful thought. Welcome back my friend, way to go 🙂 ❤

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