DP Prompt ~ Key to blogging 



The key to blogging, From my experience? Well, to be honest there’s no set rule to go by nor a specific set of processes to follow. You write exactly as you feel, don’t hold back thoughts and don’t worry about editing either. The beauty of WordPress, Is you will never know when you have written something that someone needed at that moment. A poem that will comfort a broken heart, Or even a rant that someone can relate to. There’s always someone who you will reach out and touch.

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    • This is also my opinion. The only “key” I didn’t know in the beginning is that the posts can be quite small. Split one thought in several posts. İt’s really working 😉

  1. It’s not the creating that boggles my mind. It’s the blogging!! I LOVE to create and I WISH at times I just could post, one after the other, because I have so many pictures I would love to share. The comments ….. YIVEH! So many!! Hehehehehe Yet there too I LOVE to interact with my friends. So what am I to do?

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