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Repost ~ Mural



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* Unfortunately I don’t have anything for today’s prompt, So if I may? Let’s all jump for joy for Friday being here! hooray! ūüôā

DP Prompt ~ Routine 


My favorite ritual every day? Well, I start with my morning run. Which starts starts slow but before long I’m wide awake. Followed by chatting with my Glaiza before going to work. I like to ease into my day instead of rushing in. Especially because of traffic during the winter months, There’s something about the rain and dark sky that makes the worst drivers get out on the road. How about you? What’s your favourite routine to start? ūüôā




In a world..

Once hidden from the sun..

You have brought me back to life..

Beyond the shadows telling so many lies..

Now discovering..

What it means to have..

Love ever truly in my heart.. Registered & Protected