DP Prompt ~ Stage fright



Public speaking, I was never really good at that to be honest. I’ve always rehearsed a class presentation, Plan everything out with flashcards and even gotten the project all set up. But, once all the eyes are looking at me? oof! I freeze, Don’t know why. Maybe it’s because everyone’s eyes intently watching? Or maybe the direct eye contact, Yeah. That’s gotta be it lol! How about you? how are you with public speaking? 🙂

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  1. I’m with Heartafire up there, however, I’ve found that if I need to practice my speeches I’ll actually close my eyes to do it. It sounds weird, but it works for me because I don’t actually look at anyone in the room when I’m talking- I look through them and/or I look at their nose or mouth (eyes are evil until you get good at talking!).

  2. Terrible. Just terrible. I remember when I was in about 3rd grade I was in a school play and I had a tiny part, ONE line. When it came for me to speak, I froze. I couldn’t. I was SO embarrassed and started to cry as I heard my classmates laughing backstage. My mother was furious with me. Odd how that memory popped up. And yes it was all those eyes looking at me. OMG! I wanted to disappear through the floor. ❤

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