DP Prompt ~ A name 


They say, That knowing one’s name gives you power over them. So true, in every romance novel and fantasy book written. It stays with you and even more so, Fills that single phrase (?) with meaning.

My name though, Is a name given to me by my teacher back in elementary school in Chile, Iquique. Initially Aquiles, which is a name I was given then but she changed it to Andy. To make the transition to North America a little easier, My Chinese name though is one I’ll share down the road lol 🙂 How about you? What’s the story behind yours?

About andy1076

Disclaimer & Such.. All posts within this blog including pictures are solely my own creations unless otherwise stated, such as YouTube music. I take pride in my own creations and my own writing. Having said that, please bare in mind that all posts are written in general. Meaning not intended directly at anybody, Any names used are purely by coincidence and not intended directly at anyone. Any further questions? please feel free to contact me by email, otherwise? enjoy your visit :)

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  1. This is interesting dear Andy. My own name was given by my Dad. When he was a young man there was a poem the loved so much. And he said that if he had a daughter he would give the name (in the poem) to her. and I was born then… 🙂 Thank you, love, nia

  2. I don’t know why I was given my name – it was very popular around the time I was born, perhaps because of the singer Helen Shapiro.

    Looking forward to finding out about your Chinese name.

  3. I’m not sure why my parents chose my name for me, but it’s an old Norwegian name, and quite common in Sweden too. When I was in my early teens I was not fond of my name. It felt old-fashioned and some even mocked me for it. Now I’m proud of my name, and think it’s cool that not many Norwegians today are named Inga. 😊

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