DP Prompt ~ Longing




For today’s prompt, I wanted to share a throwback post from when I truly longed for someone to share my thoughts, I hope this is alright 🙂

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  1. I think we each have that longing…to share the deepest part of ourselves with someone who can truly appreciate us…and love us for who we are…I guess the more we love ourselves and are confident in who we are, it makes us more loveable…love is not easy it seems…balance is so important…loving oneself but not being arrogant…loving others but keeping a sense of oneself…being open but not naive…I do know love seems to be elusive–the dream is difficult to find…I am still searching…a few times I thought I was there at the beginning, in the middle of it—and then poof! Gone! without a warning…how does that happen? Sometimes, I think it is easy to cave and not try anymore…the older I get, the more I see others not willing to try…fear has taken over…or hopelessness…I see so much loneliness in our world…especially among the elderly—our primal needs take over and we just seem to try to survive waiting for the end—and, I think, there has to be more! There has to be love!

  2. Sure it’s okay, Andy. You’re the boss here (and your feelings/opinions are always valid)! 🙂 Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone treated you like the excellent human being you are?!

      • Maybe, but it’s true. 🙂 You should be able to edit and/or re-post what you’ve done before, photos, poems, or otherwise. I find similar metaphors, lines, phrases popping up all the time in my writing; maybe it’s my limitation, maybe it’s not. I like to think of it as just being human. Sometimes we repeat ourselves, and it’s okay. Emphasis is important. Context is important. Well, I won’t bore you further, except to say have a happy Friday, Andy, if I don’t ‘see’ you online tomorrow! Enjoy dessert(s)!

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