DP Prompt ~ Sentimental


Sentimental. Well, Isn’t this quite the prompt for a Monday huh? Yes, Sentimental is how I feel about the beginning of the week. The thought that I will be in for yet another roller coaster of headaches from some people I have to work with, It really wears one down very quickly especially when some adults act like children. But, I suppose that’s what makes getting paid in the end rewarding huh? If that makes sense? How about you? what does the word sentimental bring to surface when you read it? 🙂


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  1. Actually, you’ve stumped me. I don’t know how to feel about sentimental, because these days the word is so loaded, so misused, sometimes overused. It’s attached to negative things, when it shouldn’t be, know what I mean? It can be used as a weapon, like just about any other word. I think, if I had to, I’d use it for something good–perhaps a sentimental look in the eye or I might even change the term a little bit to “sentiment-fulfilling” or something along those lines. I could see how Mondays would be sentimental, as you suggest, too. I’d have to then translate sentiment over to its connotation of longing (for something that’s passed and might/might not come again). So, it’s a really bittersweet term, too, depending on how you look at it.

  2. I find many adults act like children, they can’t help themselves. It is, as my grandmother said, a lack of brought-upsie.

    Sentimental for me? It is wishful and nostalgic. It is looking back.

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