DP Prompt ~ Object 


I always loved small objects of art, Especially when they are made with so much detail like this happy little monk, It’s an incense burner that churns out through the bowl. Kind of like a happy little fella enjoying a yummy meal 🙂

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  1. Once I saw this “object” post on Daily Post earlier, I had to pop over here and see what you’re showing, Andy. I wasn’t sure, and you surprised me yet again. Cute sculpture–I’d never have thought incense would be coming out of his bowl. How clever!

      • It is. I like the small jade fountains, too, that I sometimes see in (usually Chinese) restaurants. Water is relaxing to me, like many people, so I don’t mind the rain unless it’s flooding and people are getting hurt or dying.

      • I used to have a mini jade fountain before with water shooting from under, with a jade ball rotating on top spinning, it was awesome 🙂

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