Wordless Wednesday ~ Of Easter and sweets 





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Disclaimer & Such.. All posts within this blog including pictures are solely my own creations unless otherwise stated, such as YouTube music. I take pride in my own creations and my own writing. Having said that, please bare in mind that all posts are written in general. Meaning not intended directly at anybody, Any names used are purely by coincidence and not intended directly at anyone. Any further questions? please feel free to contact me by email, otherwise? enjoy your visit :)

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  1. I wanna see that bunny in motion. Any idea what it does, Andy? I’m guessing singing and/or dancing? Cool either way, both of these photos. You’re always tickling the sweet tooth (teeth) of your reader(s), Andy!

    • oh no that’s a white chocolate bunny 🙂 I didn’t get one but I’m very sure it’s good because this is at a very popular chocolatier Called Thomas Haas 🙂

      • Oh, okay. I was reading the little sign below it. Funny now that I think of it. “Animated” bunny means something different, at least to me, than it would have, say, 50 years ago (well, had I been alive and reading then). Animated just meant it was emotive/had an exciting or emotional look, which is probably what they mean on the sign. Now, I think, oh, “animated”–animatronics–bells and whistles. Computers–CGI–technology, nom, nom, nom. Here I was thinking it had a computer chip or batteries! 🙂 I’ll bet it was yummy then, ha, minus the computer chip.

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