In a world of concrete and steel..

I hear your calling beyond distant hills..

Cherishing the love you share..

Something I will eternally feel.. Registered & Protected  5OFJ-Y5TE-S392-QYJC


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  1. I love ‘cityscape’ photos; this is really nice. Plus, I just had to comment on the placement of your copyright line. That is awesome, Andy. Looks like you own that building! Oh, I’m also glad to hear you’re still running. I’ve kind of fallen off the fitness wagon a bit of late (sinus infection, etc.), but I have been walking, jogging, and riding the stationary bike, so not totally sedentary. Anyway, again, that’s a mighty pretty place you live; is that Vancouver . . . (I didn’t realise the mountains were so nearby)?

      • Ah, March’s been a blur. Tell me that it’s better ‘up there’ in Canada with regard to allergies [please, oh please]. What with the politics/insane clown politicians down here . . . I could be living in Canada someday soon! 😉

      • ohhh it’s worse for pollen then :O our cherry blossoms bloomed a whole month earlier from the confusion in the weather 🙂

      • I’m not sure if cherry blossom is or would be one of my triggers. I think it’s definitely mold and ragwood. Those I’ve narrowed down. Sometimes I’m also allergic to animals and burning leaves or other really out-there smells like extremely strong potpourri, candles, etc. Anyway, altogether Vancouver looks lovely from any angle. Thanks for providing the view, Andy!

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