Randomly again ~ Paths



The roads will never lead you on a steady path..Temptations will often lead you stray..Stay true to what you believe however and you will always find your way back..

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  1. Looks like a really nice trail to run (or walk/hike/bike), Andy. I really like the ‘centering’ of the runner and how the trail leads the eye, yet has a few slight bends to it. It goes along well with the writing, and vice versa. Motivational running poster—bingo!!!

      • Nice! Looks kind of flat, too. Is it the (wooden?) planks throughout? I don’t think I’ve ever run on that type of terrain for that long a distance at one time.

      • It’s an interesting setup actually, it’s wooden planks on bottom but reinforced with steel mesh thah raises it enough for runners to be safe even in frigid winters 🙂

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