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I may have been


I may have been

A few years too late

To hold your hand in this lifetime

Once again

I may have made you wait

Far too long 

To feel loved

Once again

But I promise as you this

I won’t let you go 

I won’t ever give up our dream

To once again cherish that sunset kiss


Taipei day six 


On day six, we visited Maokong  Which is home to a zoo. Which I will be talking about on a future post. For now! Please say hello to my buddy Yuan Yuan! Taiwan’s born baby cub, baby to a panda from China 🙂


The way up to Maokong mountain is via gondola rides, In these cute little baskets. There are two types of gondola, solid floor or reinforced plexiglass bottoms. Wait, What? you might ask.


Yups! Glass! we were literally sitting in a little basket with our feet to pure see through glass, Between us and the bottom of the trees below is over 200 feet. So cool! I wished the ride would take forever because it was such an amazing experience.


You simply can’t beat this view, There were trees of all sorts. What’s amazing, is that people hike the trails below, Now. That may not seem like much to seasoned hikers but at 30+ degrees in the day that is quite a feat. There ARE stops in between though, for them if they decide they want to take the gondola instead which goes up one side of the mountain and right down the other.


The view is breathtaking, This photo barely shows the beauty of the city nestled in between mountains and trees. Taipei truly is a beautiful place, I would be so happy to pick up and move here if it wasn’t for certain language barriers and skill set that’s in demand here.

A few years ago, There was such heavy rainfall that it caused a landslide. They’ve been trying to reinforce and restore the area ever since, I can’t begin to imagine what the local residents must of gone through when this happened.

We made it! To the top of Gondola ride, Hi! From Glaiza and I ^.^/

Now you might wonder what on earth is up there at the top? Well, There are restaurants like the dragon inn. They serve tea made from the leaves at a plantation right on the mountain, As well as other traditionally prepared dishes such as this Hainan style chicken. Sadly, though. The chicken lacked texture and taste, But! The tea was perfect!

The bamboo is grown locally and the oil used is derived from tea leaves, Making this dish absolutely delicious and aromatic, Every bite was so good!

Another dish we ordered was tofu with dipping sauce, Which is made! Yep! You guessed it, the tofu is made at the mountain as well. The fried layer on top wasn’t very thick and crunchy, while the tofu inside was soft and flavorful, We enjoyed it so much that it was all gone within minutes lol!

Taipei is very proud of it’s baby panda, Yuan. I am going to be making another visit to the mountain later in the coming year, There is still so much to see. ^.^ Registered & Protected 5OFJ-Y5TE-S392-QYJC