Taipei trip post 1


As some of you know, I took a three week hiatus from blogging to visit Taipei, Taiwan. I haven’t traveled for over 13 years and was super excited to see the world outside of Vancouver once again, I apologize for not having had the chance to catch up with everyone’s posts, Wifi connections and data plans are super expensive and I had a really hard time finding free locations.

My first stop was the local markets in the area that I was staying at, A friend of mine suggested I look this up. It’s called red bean cake but they do have other assorted flavors as well, Cream being the most yummy of them all, So sweet!

This is what it looks like when they pour in the mix, The crust is so crunchy and tasty that I could enjoy it all day long!

It is positively stuffed to the rim and at 50 NTD which is equivalent to 1.90 Canadian? you just can’t beat the value for what you are getting.

Nothing is sweeter though, Than Having finally met Glaiza Binayas of Glimmer Of Happiness blog. We have been in an LDR for over a year now, But never did we imagine that this day would come. When we would travel somewhere together at last. It has been pure bliss every day waking by her side, They are moments that will remain forever engraved in our hearts.

Never give up on your dreams, For every day that passes by will bring you that much closer to that moment of joy you never thought you’d find. ❤️ Registered & Protected  5OFJ-Y5TE-S392-QYJC


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  1. so lovely, good for you!! gives me some hope, The man I love came back into my life for a few weeks and then decided he still didn’t love me and left, again…. so I am pretty much back to square one, again… 😦 but happy for you!! 🙂


  2. OMG ! Andy this is really a dream come true 👏👍 I m so very happy for you both. All blessings and love. So I guessed it right, you were in the arms of your love. Great ! Want to hear more.

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