DP Prompt ~ The different phases before we reached our dream at last ☺️



The first time we spoke..I never dreamed you would share the one single wish I had in my heart..That someone would hear the one single wish I ever had in my heart..I still remember telling myself that this is something too good that it is something I could never have..Then in that same moment..You came to me and told me that this was something special and you hoped..It would also last..Time passed on by and before long..We wanted to be by each others side..It was a wish most could never have..Until the day came when you held my hand and our days of bliss began..Filled with new memories of love..Starting with that moment when I first kissed your lips and you heard..The rythms of my heart holding me tight..With glimmering tears coming from your eyes showing me what love truly means at last..I would never have believed the day would come but now I know..Love truly grants all..As long as you never waiver in your heart..I love you more than three words can say..I love you for giving me the chance to know the beauty of your devotion time and again..


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