DP Prompt ~ No forks needed :)


If there is one thing I loved about Taipei, Is how easy it was to find food everywhere you go. In the daytime there are tons of 7-Eleven’s in every corner, More than Starbucks. Which really surprised me. Then at night you have tons of markets open up selling all sorts of street eats like the ones below, No need for fork either because they would put it in cute little paper bags or plastic bags so you can eat as you shop ๐Ÿ™‚


Above here is fresh fried chicken. Yups! Fresh! They fry the chicken on the spot. I remember we got 6 pieces and by the time my order was filled another person ordered 10 along with some yam fries, That’s becoming the new popular thing over traditional ๐Ÿ™‚

Here is one of my favorites too, We call it chive box. Essentially, dough wrapped around shredded tofu and chives with some vermicelli, It is LOADED with flavor!


Another popular thing to try in Taipei is fried foods, Fried crab or smelt as well as squid. They come in little cardboard bowls and if you decide you want to take it home? they provide these pink bags below with a handful of wooden sticks for you to poke and enjoy.


Here is another one of my favorites, Fried squid! Not one of those tiny bits that they serve at the local OPA at the food courts either. But, Big tender pieces loaded with flavor. These are sold like this and you snack on it with skewers, I recommend eating these right away while they are hot though otherwise they get a bit chewy which I really don’t like. ๐Ÿ˜€


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  1. Omg yes you’re so right about the 7-11 stores omg hahaha. I was so amazed. In like one street there might be 8 7-11’s hahahaha. I agree on the nightmarket foods too. Sadly I wasn’t so lucky because when we went, all of a sudden it started to pour down rain, and for some reason most of the stands had already packed up and left ;-; but good food nonetheless from what I’ve tasted hahah

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