Pingxi, Taiwan 


On day five, We made a trip to Pingxi, Taiwan. We wanted to release lanterns at night but due to timing issues we ended up going in the daytime. The place absolutely beautiful in a historic sort of way.


There were vendors selling these bamboo tubes for people to write things on. Then hang there, Kind of like the Japanese version of wishes. We were thinking about getting them, But then we saw them tossed to the side and broken off all over as if discarded by locals.


Pingxi is actually an old coal mining town, Trains still pick up passengers every 30 minutes to another town a few miles up the mountain, Where there are several shops and home to the famous lantern releasing festival.


It was a really really hot day when we visited this place, I recommend you buy the biggest jug of water because dehydration is a very dangerous thing, plus there aren’t many places to refill your water with.


I love history and this place definitely had plenty of it, The mining town goes back generations before there was no more to mine, It’s amazing how history becomes a tourist attraction.


We took a train up to the smaller town where there were tons of vendors selling local eats as well as paper lanterns that can be bought for the equivalent of $6 Canadian, You get to write what you wish to send to the sky and release it.

Just like so! As you can also see, Everyone wants to do their many poses holding onto the lantern before it becomes too hot and you have to release it. Don’t worry, this is a track that is no longer used, But back in the old days the train would pass by here and the vendors would sell their goods right then and there.

It definitely goes really high and REALLY far. Might look better at night, but yeah there was another stop we were rushing to go see as we didn’t really account for the time that it would take us to get there, I will be posting that very soon 🙂

Hi Hi! Canadian tourist in Taiwan! I was so drenched from the heat too. Whew, 35 degrees is no joke especially when there’s no wind, But it really was so memorable 🙂


A landscape view of the town across the bridge, There are homes all across this popular attraction, It is so beautiful up in the mountains with all the trees, Really hope Taiwan will preserve this for many more generations to come, Would hate to see any high rises the next time I visit. 😛 Registered & Protected  5OFJ-Y5TE-S392-QYJC


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  1. great photos Andy…I enjoy it when people post photos of trips/vacations…it is unlikely I will get to Taiwan so seeing it through your eyes is great…thank you for sharing!

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