Thai town cuisine, Taipei 


For our 12th anniversary, Glai and I celebrated it at Thai town restaurant, It was a special moment for both of us, we were both in another country. Me, Having come from Vancouver and for her, She traveled from Manila, Philippines. We never imagined that we would meet like this for the first time, But it has been amazing. So, I wanted to take her to try something she hasn’t tried before ^.^

Our first dish, Was a variation of lemon grass chicken. The sauce was perfect. It had a bit of a bite to it but not too much, Especially when complemented by the shredded cabbage making this dish perfect. The skin was also fried in a way so that it was crispy, Just the way I like it.

The second dish, was green curry with chicken in it. The curry was so flavorful and so smooth thanks to the coconut milk that was used, We enjoyed it so much that we didn’t leave a single drop behind lol!

Third dish was what they called moonlight shrimp pancake, Thus the star layout. The top layers of the pancake were crispy and in the middle it was filled with shrimp, None of the pasty stuff you usually see at the market but actual meat with sauce to add flavor too.

This was definitely a wonderful experience! We went a second time for the green curry and the food was just as good, Give it a try if you should go to Taipei, I promise you’ll enjoy the great service and food 🙂


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  1. Oh boy! I should remember never to look at posts like these on an empty stomach 😀 That lemongrass chicken is making me very hungry!

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