Jiufen Taiwan 


One of the most touristic places in Taiwan, Is Jiufen. In the past it was just another town among many but a famous movie was made here and the whole place came alive, There are tons of markets and small eats all around and that 7-Eleven there? wow is it ever packed!


This is another reason why it is so popular, Before it became popular it was one of the most quiet places you could live in. Nestled on a mountain far from the main city and full of fresh air all around, So fresh that I barely felt the heat even though the forecast called for at least 35 degrees!


It really is an amazing place, Almost like a world frozen in time. Truly, Such beauty and islands all the way across the horizon

Inside there are food stalls and stores along a narrow corridor. They sell everything from juice to lotions to clothing and even sandals, Yep! Sandals! gotta keep people walking right 😛

Among the yummy eateries was a stall selling grilled mushrooms, Glai and I could smell it from 50 feet away and when we found it? We knew we had to try, It is SO tender and juicy! If only I remembered the name of the stall though, It cost the equivalent of 2 dollars Canadian :O



Yep, I am definitely coming back here again, There is still so much to see and so many temples to visit along the roads leading back to the city. There’s something about the art that really catches my eyes 🙂

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  1. Looks like a very cool place and I always smile to see where the ol’ 7-11 shows up!
    And your variety of pics give a great synopsis of this place – glad y’all had fun!

      • Well that is good – and for the longest time we had to go to our local 7-11s for cash back if our kids needed money for sports last minute !

      • Well here in our town it seems like this gas station called “wa-wa” is taking away 7-11 biz – and WA WA has higher quality food and real caps and lattes – but there are some spots where 7-11 will always reign

      • oh wow – you nailed the top two items – and I know some clients of mine form when I was a counselor in Florida in 2001 – and they always went to 7-11 for the bananas – guess these girls on the street needed the potassium…. true story.

      • I know this is a lot of 7-11 talk – but I have to quickly tell u about when I was watching this kid for a few weeks one summer- we got yelled at pretty bad for crossing a line at the slurped machine – it was a small tape line on the floor and who could see it? Not us!
        I don’t have slurpees but this kid was waiting all day – anyhow – I chilled when the lady reamed us – cos I felt bad for her anger and all that – but it was like WTF??
        Oh and I just got a picture of an7-11 with an old Richmond building in back – I will let know when I posts it – k?

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