Tamsui, Taiwan.


On the 9th day in Taipei, We went to Tamsui, It is home of the international ports as well as the local coast guard.



The scene here is absolutely beautiful, Even on a cloudy day the mountains are so picturesque, There’s something about the slow moving boats and the ocean breeze. It makes everything so relaxing, letting you take a pause and take it all in.


One of the reasons we came here is to visit lovers bridge, It is one of the must visit sights when visiting Taipei. Tours always stop by there, making the place very crowded but this time we were fortunate to be there before they arrived.



To get there, You have two choices. You can either go by road which is going to take a while during rush hour along it’s narrow streets Or! You can hop onto one of these local ferries, Which charge very little and you can save yourself 30 minutes of everyone honking at each other with scooters and cards, You can even use your metro pass for this, I love that pass! You can use it to buy drinks too.


On board the ferry,  Glaiza and I got to see the beauty of the bridge’s design. One side of the bridge is supported by the steel cables, Taipei is really popular for it’s unique building ideas and this is at the very top for me.



Glaiza and I have dreamed for the longest time to finally see this together, She is in Manila. Philippines, While I am in Vancouver, Canada. Everyone had doubts this LDR would ever work, Some. Even recommended that we didn’t continue to save a heartache. But, To me? she is a dream come true and the only one that has ever touched my heart and given me a reason to believe again.



I could never get enough of the islands surrounding Taiwan, It is absolutely amazing how so much can be developed on so little land. Coming from a big city, This truly intrigued me.


On the other side of lovers bridge, There is this small park. You can go up a couple of steps to take a photo together, Granted. The structure is a little off center. But that’s love isn’t it? It’s not perfect, but it always endures as long as you support each other 🙂


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      • I find it really strange. It also happened to me. My husband and me we found each other when crossing a traffic light. All of my girlfriends were against the relationship. They said: “you cannot take a guy from street”. Very funny. In this Definition me too were a girl from street. How stupid. All People walk on the street. What is Bad about that?

        Do we have yo find our Partners near to us? And only at University?

        Strange thoughts. What matters is love…

      • Agreed! it’s pretty frustrating to be in a world constantly judged isn’t it? I think it’s really romantic that you met your husband like that 🙂

      • We find it very romantic. We also find us somewhat crazy when we think back because we planned our marriage and chikdren the Same day. Really fast. We both had bad experiences with Partners not taking the relationships seriously so we both wanted to be sure right in the beginning that we both wanted to be a family. Afterward I can understand my friends a bit that they found everything too fast. But it can be like that if you love each other. You know it right away. Immediately. I was pregnant sooner than planned 😉

        The judging People were wrong. We are a happy familiy now. 🙂

        What I find strange: whenever a couple loves each other be sure there is somebody Who is against the relationship! Why? If you’re not sure whether your love is real just Check whether there is sombody against it 😀

        Good luck for you two sweethearts ❤

  1. I went there this past summer and I loved it! If I could, I would definitely go back to Taiwan and revisit this place. Good luck on your ldr! 🙂

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