Wordless Wednesday ~ A day in the city


Please watch at 1080 HD for best quality ^.^


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  1. Hi Andy! This is awesome! Love your photo perspectives. Thinking you should sell these to Tourism BC. Between your music selection and the photography, I am sure many would be enticed to visit our fair region. Nicely done 😊

  2. FWIW, I liked the music paired with the imagery. This was really good, Andy. What program(s) do you recommend for making videos like this? Before I know it, you will be doing podcasts!

    • Thank you 🙂 I used an app called splice for iPhone, Works really great and transitions very smoothly compared to most of the apps I’ve used before, I considered doing a podcast before but ya that didn’t turn out all that well lol

      • Cool, Andy. Thanks for the information! I’ve been watching the Olympics and salivating over the iPad Pro (I think it is) ads. No dispute about it—Apple makes beautiful, artsy products!

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