Patterns in the edges 




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  1. The two choices side by side are so contrasting – both different moods and cool edges – the second shot had me wondering what type of Gardener could design those hedge edges – !

      • Well wow – the mobile smaller version did look like well manicured shrubs -!!
        thanks for being so kind – sometimes people get offended when we make errors (really – not sure if you noticed – but some bloggers get grumpy) – and I was able to see the photo larger and can see the stone – 😉

      • Miss is so amazing – saw a show once about a lady who had moss gardens and had all these different types -and she transplanted it to get more patches going – after that show I appreciated moss – she said walking on it was like velvet (something like that)

      • Yes – I learned it from the show – I did try it near a shadow spot – -;) but so much of our yard is full sun! Moss needs shade and moisture –

        Oh – and I have taken a break from gardening the last two years – thought I would miss it more than I do – but I don’t miss it that much at all!

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