Daily Prompt ~ Quest


This place is called Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall, It’s located in the heart of Taipei City. It’s such a beautiful building with the way the roof slants, There’s that traditional feel to it especially with the name plaque, The way they used to do it back in the day. 

It’s a very special spot to me since the last time I saw this place? Was as a wee toddler playing with my cousin and flying kites, I had been back  to Taiwan a few times but always missed it. So! This time I made it a goal to make sure that I’d see it again with my own eyes.

What I never would of imagined? Was traveling here with my love Glaiza, we both enjoyed our visit here so much. Even if we were sadly photo bombed by someone who rudely jumped in, But we still had the best time of our lives visiting one of the many places from my childhood ☺️

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  1. It’s really beautiful and so lovely that you were able to visit it again with your sweet Glaiza. ❤ I was wondering who the strange auntie was on the right. 😯 Some people are either so unaware, or just totally insensitive. 😦

  2. NIce, very nice! It would probably take some time (but maybe not, for someone skilled), but you could dodge and stamp (etc.) those walkers out of the photo, probably, if you use Photoshop or some like design program. Sample the background green and gray. The foreground woman’s head would probably (though I’m far from an expert) be the hardest part, because what’s behind is water and part of the building reaaaallly far back. It’s probably worth a try, since you love the place and photo so much, Andy!

    • I was going to use an app that I have and blur out that rude photo bomber but that would ruin the photo, but ya definitely will be playing a bit with it, I just couldn’t believe the gall of that person waiting until we were going to take the shot to jump in ugh

      • Okay, Andy, I’m finally getting around to working with this photo today (I can’t believe it’s been more than a month; sorry about that!). I’m told by an expert that it can be done, especially using the clone tool and then healing to help blend the colors once the photo-bombers are taken out. Will let you know in next couple days if I achieve anything!

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