Monthly Archives: September 2016

Under the rain 



There was a storm that afternoon, It started off as a drizzle then suddenly it rained hard, So hard that water was flooding the bridges separating the outdoor mall. Everyone was rushing to get inside the stores as the winds picked up, Everyone except the couple who ran outside in joy, Fulfilling the wish they had to see the rain together. Despite the many eyes looking as though thinking these two had lost their minds, Yet these two couldn’t be happier laughing hand in hand rushing through every puddle.

They cherished their moment stopping only when her shoe laces had come undone. But he did not let her tie them, Instead he went down on his knee and looped the laces one shoe at a time. She had come to his life making a wish of the sweetest moment come to life, She truly had become the love of his life.

Daily Prompt ~ Quest


This place is called Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall, It’s located in the heart of Taipei City. It’s such a beautiful building with the way the roof slants, There’s that traditional feel to it especially with the name plaque, The way they used to do it back in the day. 

It’s a very special spot to me since the last time I saw this place? Was as a wee toddler playing with my cousin and flying kites, I had been back  to Taiwan a few times but always missed it. So! This time I made it a goal to make sure that I’d see it again with my own eyes.

What I never would of imagined? Was traveling here with my love Glaiza, we both enjoyed our visit here so much. Even if we were sadly photo bombed by someone who rudely jumped in, But we still had the best time of our lives visiting one of the many places from my childhood ☺️ Registered & Protected 5OFJ-Y5TE-S392-QYJC

To the mountains..


Hoover Dam

To the mountains..I stand before you and say..Rise as high as you wish..So I may look back to see..Where I have been..To the oceans beyond..Spread as wide as you like..So I may sail across the distance..To the one who has heard my single wish.. Registered & Protected  5OFJ-Y5TE-S392-QYJC