Cravings for new tastes never sated 


When you travel, There are many things you have to do. Plan where to go, Decide how much you have and from there you think about what to do. The usual, Right? My favourite way to explore though? is find unique desserts. Yep! Desserts! every country has something special and every city has it’s own unique way of making it.


In this case? It’s a dessert that I have on name for sorry! I couldn’t translate it right. I can tell you this though, It is SO good! See the brown block on the left side? there’s a wooden file with a blade on it, That whole thing is one GIANT block made of peanut which is filed down into powder you see on the rice wrap. Then, They put on two scoops of ice cream on top for you to enjoy. What is crazy though, Is that this is from my trip to Taiwan where it’s so hot year round. We are talking highs of 35 to lowest maybe 10 degrees? to me that’s pretty warm since I am here in Vancouver, BC. Yet, The ice cream didn’t just melt! Yep, I am impressed!

Glaiza and I had one each,  Sorry love! But something this good, we both get one and I am not sharing mine muahaha!! See how well it’s packed into individual bags though? the hospitality you will find from vendors is quite something too. We went into a jade store that didn’t allow photography, But the owner of the shop took our plastic wraps and offered to toss them into her garbage can instead, Don’t see that every day 🙂


Sorry, That last photo wasn’t very clear. SO, Here’s another shot ^.^

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  1. Funny how some food concepts are the same the world over and then some are so different (at least superficially – this does after all look a bit like a crepe, with an unusual type of filling).

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