Wordless Wednesday ~ Zen


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  1. I saw these little towers of stones in Alberta as well…and, now, when I am able, I leave a tower along the shores of Lake Michigan. I hope you are doing well, Andy! I have not returned to Washington this year…I hope I can get there before another year passes. Then maybe I can meet you and your wife for coffee in Vancouver! That would be delightful! You are both welcome to my home in Wisconsin if you ever travel in this direction!

      • My daughter and her husband live in Bellingham and she tells me about the RAIN. I hope a bit of SUN comes soon to all of you! Yesterday was a beautiful day! The second day of Spring! I was outside raking my flower garden; however, today the wind is blowing its cold air! Wisconsin weather is so unpredictable in the era of Global Warming! I am looking forward to warmer days, but I am afraid the week ahead predicts daily rains! But the farms need the rain. Have a great day, Andy!

      • oh wow better get in as much gardening as possible before that rain comes then huh! get it all well watered and growing 😃

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