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A meal and late snack 😉




Like magnets reaching for the sun 



Guisi Lighthouse, Guimaras.


Glai took a this photo of me at Guisi Lighthouse in Guimaras during my last trip to the Philippines, Some of you might wonder why would I take a trike trip all the way to a semi abandoned building,  Because! it’s got an interesting history and I love historic buildings (big smile). You can click on the link here if you like to read about it, But! Wait, what does semi abandoned mean? Well, at the entrance there are groundskeepers who maintain the area, they charge less than 1 Canadian dollar and even offer a guided tour, but Glai and I are very DIY when it comes to sightseeing, so we did some exploring of our own.

Sorry about yet another selfie, but I seem to have forgotten to take a photo of the lighthouse by itself. Which is very very rusted throughout, It’s pretty amazing what ocean air does. But it is very much standing still, Despite its appearance.

What? We went inside? Absolutely! The stairs are very sturdy albeit very steep and the steps are very narrow, what’s really neat? is that the rust on the sides made little windows that let us look outside, Like as if nature was giving us a preview of how high we were getting.

My love, Glaiza from Glimmer Of Happiness blog ❤️

Welcome to the top! it’s hard to imagine that we’re right where there used to be a searchlight to warn ships from getting close to land, At this point we’re very high up! But, wait I promised a view didn’t I? 

ta da! This looks towards the Atlantic Ocean, The air is so crisp and the way the ocean dances along? So soothing, I could spend all day here taking it all in, Yep! I totally would go back for more ☺️

A bright day 


Come with me..To discover all the beauty that exists in this world..Even if you have already been..So another tale can finally begin..You don’t have to stay long..If you so wish to leave..All I ask..Is a moment..Just a little while..To cherish the gift of the sun..As the morning light shines upon your beautiful smile..